More About Me

Proven Strategies. Superior Outcomes.

As the founder of the Christina Bailey Group, also known as CBCrew, within Coldwell Banker Realty, I operate my real estate team with a deeply ingrained ethos: treating each client as an extension of my own family. My commitment rests on safeguarding the best interests of my clients unfailingly, delivering service that mirrors the standards I would anticipate if I were the client myself. My approach is characterized by honesty, positivity, goal-driven action, and boundless energy across all endeavors.

Recognizing that the purchase or sale of a home ranks among life's paramount transactions, I strive to cultivate a sense of ease for all my clients throughout the entire process. Central to my practice is the sacred trust bestowed upon me by those I serve.

Beyond my work commitments, my family holds immense significance in my life. With four grown children embarking on their independent journeys, our residence on a quaint horse farmette fills each moment with joy. As a passionate animal enthusiast, our household can be a bit of a zoo with of four mules, two Great Danes, a Pit Bull, and a Morkie that rules the house! Amidst the lively atmosphere, I cherish horseback adventures alongside pursuits such as skiing, camping, and attending retreats. Additionally, my lifelong devotion to playing the piano, cultivated since childhood, has seen me serve as a worship leader within various church communities for many years.

Embedded within my life's philosophy is the resolute mantra: "You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything!" These words epitomize my unwavering commitment to principled living and dedication to my clients.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you and your family, guiding you through the pivotal decisions that shape your lives. It would be an honor to play a role in your real estate journey.